“Cobblestone streets, historic architecture, buzzing cafes, upscale retail and cozy gourmet food purveyors.”


Vancouver’s oldest and most charming neighborhood is located along the railroad track at the East end of downtown.

A favourite among tourists, this brick-and-mortar locale has the best real estate values in the downtown core. Tree-lined cobblestone streets are accentuated by art galleries, luxury furniture houses, gourmet restaurants, buzzing cafes and incredible retail shops. If you love brick walls and industrial style lofts, this is your mecca! Some of the city’s oldest and most historic architecture can be found at a reasonable price point as long as you don’t mind a little bit of grit. Always dreamed of living in NYC? This is as close as you are going to get on Canada’s west coast! Restored low rise residential properties with exciting ground floor commercial space is in abundance, and if you are looking for a serious view, you will need to consider the Woodwards Building by Westbank. This 41-story behemoth glistens in the Vancouver skyline, boasting views of Stanley Park, the North Shore mountain-range and Coal Harbour. Looking to work out in the sky? The rooftop gym also known as Club W is the place where you can sweat it out then relax in style in the W shaped rooftop jacuzzi tub.




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