Little Italy
/ The Drive


Ciao. Piacere. Benvenuto! Commercial Drive is home to Vancouver’s thriving Italian population and all that comes with it! Pasta, pizza, vino, panini, football!


One of Vancouver’s most iconic neighbourhoods is currently also one of its best valued! 

Little Italy, aka Commercial Drive, aka The Drive aka Grandview-Woodland is home to amazing restaurants, bars and shops and this up-and-coming neighbourhood’s real estate market is ready to pop! With plans to build a cluster of towers at Broadway + Commercial, the floodgates are ready to open, making this one of the best regions to invest. But beyond real estate, it is simply one of the most fun places to hang out! You can feel the energy, with a diverse population from all over the world, not just Italy. On the same block you will find one of the city’s best Mexican restaurants, across the road from a Jamaican Jerk Chicken spot, beside a middle eastern donair stand, wedged between 2 sushi joints. You get it, lots going on! This eclectic region’s electric charm is on full display when the sun goes down with a plethora of pubs, breweries, and whiskey bars, all within walking distance to a classic bowling alley in Grandview lanes. 




La Tana


Grandview Lanes

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Little Italy / The Drive