Our Process

Investing in
Real Estate


Step one

1 Hour Investment Buyer’s Brainstorm

No matter if you are a seasoned veteran or purchasing your first investment property, it is paramount we sit down and determine the best way to move forward. What are your goals – both short term and long term? How important is resale value? Have you considered the costs associated with owning properties that are not your principal residence? Let’s map it all out and then decide upon your investment property’s criteria… and let’s be sure to keep it tight. That way, we aren’t wasting your time by showing you listings that don’t meet your money-making needs!

Step Two

ROI Forecasting

What are your expectations for a return on investment? Is this a property you want to hold and collect rental income on or are you looking to buy a “fixer-upper” and flip it for a profit? Maybe you are interested in buying into a presale development and selling it once the building completes for a healthy return. No matter the scenario, there are many variables to consider, and we have a strategy and game-plan for each.

Step Three

Strategic Search + Preview

The best part about buying an income property is that it is rational and logical, with zero
emotional attachment. This is where we shine as our analytical brains can work on your behalf to find the property that makes the most sense for you financially. We will set up an interactive search that populates relevant listings daily, and follow up regularly to check your temperature. If we see something amazing pop up that ticks all the boxes and you aren’t answering the phone or available to view it, fear not, chances are we have already scoped it for you. At Hennessy Living, our goal is to show you investment properties you should be making an offer on… no brainers! And we can’t bring those to the table unless we have done our due diligence behind the scenes.

Step Four

Offer + Negotiating

Remember that part where we talked about removing the emotion from the transaction? This is where we need to walk it like we talk it. If we are going to be your investment realtor for life (that’s why we do this), we need to stick to the script and not leave any money on the table. Let’s collaborate to determine an initial offer and a best and final offer ahead of time so we are empowered to push the envelope and close.

Step Five


Congratulations! You now own a new investment property. Our service does not stop here. We can connect you with the necessary professionals to guide you through the next steps including renovations, tax planning, design, procurement of furniture or property management. We can also start to think about a short/long term transaction strategy for the property. At Hennessy Living, we go Beyond real estate.

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