Our Process

Buying Real Estate

We aren’t here to sell you a home. Homes sell themselves. Our aim is to understand you, your lifestyle, and the property that is going to elevate your standard of living to the next level. Let’s sit down and determine how we can work together to help you level up. Here’s a closer look at our process:


Step one

1 Hour Buyer’s Brainstorm

Purchasing a home is a very important event so you should get to know the person who is going to make that happen for you. Likewise, helping somebody purchase a home is a huge responsibility. The best way to make sure this reciprocal relationship runs smoothly is to meet each-other in person where possible (I know, crazy, right?) and create a winning game plan. Let’s take the time to figure out exactly what you want and how to get it.

First Half = Discovery

If applicable, tell me about your past experiences with real estate agents. What did you and didn’t you like or understand? Tell me about your ideal property. What is your wish list? What are your dealbreakers? Do you have flexibilities or is your criteria set in stone? Let’s determine our path to success.

Second Half = Implementation

Time to dive into what is on the market right now that fits your criteria. This interactive live session bridges fantasy with reality and allows us to review listings that could work for you and eliminate those that don’t. More importantly, this on-the-spot analysis allows me to get a sense of your tastes and vision for a home, going beyond a list of likes and dislikes.

Step Two

Customized Inventory

This is where all our hard work from the brainstorm starts to pay off. It’s time to search for the properties that fit the mould. Our team will set up an interactive search for you that populates relevant listings daily. We will also work other methods to help create inventory to match your criteria. Expect regular communication at this stage to narrow down your next place to live as we work hard to understand the nuances of your property love-language.

Step Three


While this part can be the most fun, make no mistake, this is where we need to be aggressive and ready to pounce. Vancouver real estate inventory is low and demand is high so we need to prioritize viewing listings at the front of the line. This step is collaborative, and we understand people have busy lives but our approach needs to be relentless so we will preview properties (with or without you) as soon as they come to market to see if they are a good fit. And if they are a good fit, be ready to make moves.

Step Four

Strategic Offers + Negotiating

Believe it or not, there is more to an offer than throwing the biggest number at the seller. Today’s market requires favourable terms and conditions. At this stage we’ll work all angles possible to understand how we can win the bid. With over a decade of experience negotiating and winning highly competitive contracts, this is where we shine. If the property you desire can be had on your budget, we will work our hardest to get it for you.

Step Five


Congratulations! You are the owner of a new home BUT our service does not end here. We have a vast network of architects, designers, contractors, furniture distributors and service providers that we will lean on to help you personalize your new property. Let us take some of the load off by setting you up with the people you need to get you to the finish line so you can focus on Living.

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