Our Process

Real Estate


Step one

30 Minute Listing Presentation

Give us half an hour of your precious time to show you what separates us from the rest of the pack. We have an exclusive in-house marketing partner in Five Senses Branding to promote your listing and the selling strategy a great place to start. Hennessy Living also has the full backing of rennie’s BC specific brand to attract eyeballs to your property from every corner of the Province. Our local rennie brokerage has an incredible roster of buyer’s agents to attract more potential purchasers. We could keep going but would prefer to present ourselves in person!

Step Two

5 Point Auditing System

What changes can we make to maximize the sell price of your home? Let’s work together to make your property as presentable and as close to a show home as possible. Buyers need to fall in love and it’s our job to engage potential buyers emotionally so they will open their wallets! We have an exclusive team of designers, contractors and suppliers on call and ready to level up your listing and get it primed for purchasers.

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Step Three

Visuals, Storytelling & Marketecture

Every home is different, and in turn, needs to be presented in a unique way. At this stage we bring in professionals and direct them to visually capture the essence of your property for the appropriate media channels. Your home has a story to tell and at this highly creative stage, Hennessy Living + Five Senses Branding collaborate to craft a message about your listing and strategize on how to reach the most qualified pool of buyers.

Step Four


Now that we have all of the pieces in place, let’s tell the world about your property! Hennessy Living + Five Senses Branding will action the appropriate marketing tools and set up the appropriate listing event(s) to sell your home as effectively and efficiently as possible. From exclusive realtor showings to open houses and virtual tours, we will do whatever it takes to get qualified buyers into your home and ready to make offers.

Step Five

Strategic Negotiating

This is where our expert negotiation experience comes in. We have put in all the effort to get as many competing offers as possible and now is the opportunity to get you the highest price and the most favorable terms and conditions. Let’s ensure you feel great about the offer you accept, and then celebrate our victory over a glass of…. Hennessy. Because that’s Living at its finest!

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